Should we fight against our life purpose?

Should we fight against our life purpose?

This is a question I asked to myself a few weeks ago when I realized that the same scenario happened naturally, despite my efforts not to reproduce this scenario …

I explain the context. As you know (or not) I have followed a training program to be a professional coach and to support people experiencing work-related discomfort. At first, I did not want to work on business subjects because I was a bit tired of these big companies and their problems for managing their human capital. I thought, “Since these companies don’t want to take care of their employees, I don’t see why I should waste my time trying to help these employees find meaning in their jobs. These employees should better to leave the company ”.

And I stopped being proactive and trying to save as many employees as possible (Karman triangle when you hold us.. I will talk about this in another article). But the thing is, even if I didn’t make any more effort, people came to me to confide, to complain, for some, or to try to find solutions to move forward.

Thanks to the coaching training, I was able to realize that I could work in what I believed BUT by using other means, for example, by helping employees understand their unhappiness at work and accept who they are. And even if these damned companies do not take the subject in hand, I cannot abandon the employees on the pretext that my quest is too difficult.

In short, that is why I decided to offer my services to employees who want to find meaning and in a situation of unhapiness at work so that they can regain self-confidence and build the professional and personal life that correspond to them.

And you are going to tell me, what does this have to do with destiny and our life purposes (and yes, I think we have several)? How did I realize that this life purpose was a part of me? A few weeks ago, an employee came to see me to tell me about his discomfort, his questions, his hopes and his lack of motivation to make things happen in his business or, at least, to try. And you know what? I felt like I had the feeling that I was reliving previous situations, like a rewinding film. In my head, I said to myself “Uh we hardly know each other and you trust me enough to confide in me your bad being at work? OK … And it seems you’re sure that I can help you? OKAY…”. It’s my destiny, my friends!

In this situation of weakness, courage, confidence (in short, use the word that suits you), I offered my coaching services to help this person to see more clearly what he really wants and what could be the levers of action. Now I’m a real professional coach so I know how to support this employee. I know that the answers are already there and my role is to help this person to access to these answers and identify the resources that will allow him to manage the situation (good words huh!).

So to sum up, I am quietly ay my place and all of a sudden, a person that I have hardly seen a dozen times, over the past 6 months, comes to see me and tell me about his unhappiness and would like I help him by giving some advices on how to get out of it… same profile as previous times (for 10 years now, eh). So hey, I think there’s really something to dig into.

And then if I did not understand that I had a talent for working on this kind of problem, in any case my life purpose will come back to make me understand it until it comes into my little skull!

In conclusion, all that to say that it is my mission to accompany you in building the job that feels like you and that is aligned with you. Here it is!

And you ? What talent are you trying to fight against?

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