How to transform our limiting beliefs?

How to transform our limiting beliefs?

Beliefs are the compass that guides us to our goal and guarantees that we will reach it

Tony Robbins – Unlimited power

To achieve our life goals, it is important to identify the beliefs that are holding us back and which not allow us to realize our dreams.

There are 3 types of beliefs:

  • Lack of value, when we think we do not deserve to get what we want. “I am an imposter …”
  • Powerlessness, when we do not believe being able. “I am too old…”
  • How to transform our limiting beliefs?, when we do not believe that it is possible to reach our goal. “It will never change …”

How to turn these limiting beliefs into helping beliefs?

Most of our behaviors are the result of our beliefs. Generally, a belief was built because we did not know how to change this behavior or because a third party (usually our parents or our teachers) passed on this limiting belief due to his/ her own past experience.

Face to an unexpected event, we needed to find meaning in this event to overcome it and so we created a belief to rationalize this event.

Today, I propose to reprogram these limiting beliefs which, may have been useful in the past, but today limit your potential.

(1) First, identify 3 limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goal and on which you want to work.

(2) For each of these beliefs, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • “What need satisfies this belief?” → It is about identifying the positive intention of this limiting belief
  • “Where does this belief come from?” → The goal is to identify the unconscious presupposition that is the basis of this belief
  • “How to satisfy my belief while satisfying my life goal?” → This is about broadening belief and identifying alternatives to satisfy both your belief and your life goal .

Do not hesitate to give yourself regular moments of reflection on your limiting beliefs and to remain open to the ideas that come to your mind during these moments of brainstorming with yourself!

Photo by Jacqueline Kelly from Pexels

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